So, what's the story?

Hi! I'm Matt. I wasn't leaving the house much in 2020—can't think why—and after some random prompting from the universe I decided to change that. My project is to walk every public road (and maybe the odd footpath) within a mile of my house¹.

There's no deadline, no great plan. I might take some photos—I do that—and I'm developing this site using Symfony 5 and various other tools so I can keep my hand in at web development while staying at a nice stable day job where I mostly write SQL code. But beyond that, I don't know where it will take me. I don't suppose that's a bad approach to psychogeography...


Need to get in touch? Drop me a line at

¹ Or at least, for OPSEC reasons, a conveniently-chosen crossroads somewhere near my house...

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