Desultory Coffee Wander


                                                                    Sure I've snapped him before, but he caught my eye today.

Another day, another quick dash out for a coffee. I did at least try to take a different route from normal, especially on the way back, where I yet again got a bit lost in the strange paths, flyovers and underpasses that make up the odd maze of pedestrian "infrastructure" among the concrete jungle between the west of Greville Smyth and my neck of the woods in Hotwells. I swear one day I'll take a turn I've not tried before and end up being gored by a Bristolian minotaur.

Fri 16 April 2021, 12:12 to 12:59
Sector:  S
Images: 8
Distance: 2.87km
Duration: 0h 46m 37s
Total Elevation Gain: 165m