Whistle Stop Tour Via a Hansom

                                Guardians of the Gateway

I wanted to take another snap of an interesting Gothic Revival place in Clifton, having found out a bit more about the owner. On the way I walked through the Clifton Vale Close estate, idly wondering again whether it might've been the site of Bristol's Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens (I've not researched further yet.) On the way back I knocked off the last remaining bit of Queens Road I had yet to walk and tried to find the bit of communal land that Sarah Guppy bought so as not to have her view built on...

Wed 12 May 2021, 12:18 to 13:05
Sector:  NE
Images: 24
Distance: 3.08km
Duration: 0h 46m 53s
Total Elevation Gain: 260m