A Cliftonwood Revisit with Lisa

                                Cherry Garden Gate

                                                                    Someone clearly put some good work in on the gate, but thirteen years of weather has taken its toll.

Lisa had a couple of hours to spare before going up in a hot air balloon (exciting!) so we went for a quick local walk, revisiting a bit of Cliftonwood we've seen before, exploring the secret garden I'd visited before that I thought she'd enjoy (I didn't take any new photos there) and then pushing on to another garden, Cherry Garden. Last time we passed this way, I'd noticed the gate, but we hadn't gone in as I'd assumed it was private. I'd since found it on CHIS's list of communal gardens in Clifton, so I wanted to have a look inside this time, and try to figure out whether it was private-communal or public, and possibly Council-owned, like several of the other gardens in Clifton.

Sat 10 July 2021, 15:02 to 16:42
Sector:  E
Images: 26
Distance: 4.72km
Duration: 1h 40m 0s
Total Elevation Gain: 549m