Docks Heritage Weekend Day Two: Underfall Yard Substation, Hydraulics, and Bristol Electricity


                                                                    Apparently the "sparkies" are how you know the temperature's about right for the bonding-together of the link ends.

I'm afraid that this is a bit of a badly-curated wander, where I mostly just popped out to find out a little of the history of Underfall Yard and poke around the various open workshops, and, in hindsight, really didn't take pictures in any kind of coherent order. So there's a lot of pictures, but they don't really tell the story that, in hindsight, I seem to have been trying to tell, of the unusual electrical substation in Avon Crescent, the Bristol Electricity that predates the National Grid but is still in use, the history of the hydraulic power house... It's a bit of a mess.

But I suppose sometimes these wanders—always chronologically presented in the order I walked and took photos—simply will sometimes be a bit of a mess. Let's hope you still get something out of it, anyway...

Sun 10 October 2021, 11:36 to 13:12
Sector:  SE
Images: 70
Distance: 2.41km
Duration: 1h 36m 0s
Total Elevation Gain: 172m