A Door, a Square, a Few Night Shots

                                Vicarage Road

                                                                    The last Bedminster shot of our walk. There wasn't much light for photography by this time.

I didn't take many pictures on this quite long wander, partly because Lisa and I wandered across to Bedminster via Bower Ashton, which I've snapped quite a lot of on the last couple of walks, and also because we lost the light fairly quickly, though spending a half-hour drinking mulled wine in the Ashton might have had a little to do with that...

Before we left Hotwells I wanted to visit a door I'd heard about on Cornwallis Crescent and also take a little look at a couple of houses in Dowry Square to consider the 1960s regeneration of Hotwells.

Sat 4 December 2021, 14:30 to 20:10
Sector:  SE
Images: 24
Distance: 11.48km
Duration: 5h 40m 0s
Total Elevation Gain: 1,007m