Quick Clifton Jaunt Finishing with Southville

                                Little Cross House

                                                                    By complete coincidence, I took a photo of this block last week from a great distance (well, a mile, anyway) and then noticed that I hadn't actuall...

It's been pretty dismal recently, weather-wise, so when Sarah called up to say that she and Vik had just left the swimming pool at the student union building up in Clifton, and would I like to join them for a trip to the Last Bookshop, also known as The £3 Bookshop, for reasons you can probably deduce, I leapt at the chance.

Not many photos on this walk, but I did manage to get down a little road I'd never been to before, basically just the access road to a car park at a block of flats, but it was on the map looking all tempting, so I figured I'd knock it off the list as we were passing.

Sun 9 January 2022, 11:35 to 13:49
Sector:  E
Images: 6
Distance: 7.33km
Duration: 2h 14m 0s
Total Elevation Gain: 802m