Bedminster Trip for New Walking Shoes

                                Beady Eye

                                                                    Bill found the ducks' lack of work ethic irksome.

I needed to buy new walking shoes—my old ones were squeaking and it was driving me up the wall—so I ordered some for collection from Taunton Leisure on East Street in Bedminster, and decided to make picking them up an official wander.

I didn't cover any new ground within my mile, but I did take advantage of the trip to take in a few interesting things just outside my normal radius, mostly New Gaol-related. Along the way there are a couple of sanitation-related diversions, including a visit to a rare manhole cover. You can hardly wait, I can tell!

Sat 26 February 2022, 12:15 to 14:40
Sector:  SE
Images: 57
Distance: 7.40km
Duration: 2h 25m 0s
Total Elevation Gain: 142m