Leigh Woods Purple Path


                                                                    Making sure I'm still on the Purple trail. It wasn't far from here I bumped into Patsy, an erstwhile colleague who apparently still has one of my p...

There's a few tracks in Leigh Woods that lie within my mile and show up on my map but that I've not walked yet, so I decided to take one of my traditional big long walks through the woods on this nice crisp sunny morning.

For years—decades, even—I've been doing a similar route from my place, along the towpath to the far woods entrance, up the hill for a varied walk on one of the marked tracks and then across the Suspension Bridge to Clifton Village for a coffee-based reward. It's my default "long walk", really, and I almost always enjoy it. Today, at last, spring actually seemed to be springing, which made for some extra positivity...

Sat 12 March 2022, 09:12 to 12:40
Sector:  NW
Images: 32
Distance: 11.86km
Duration: 3h 28m 0s
Total Elevation Gain: 712m