Oddities in Alleyways and a Lost Pub of the Hotwell Road

                                Easter Wreath

                                                                    A seasonal touch at number eighty.

I noticed I had a few things on my "potential wanders" list that could all be done relatively close to home, and in a fairly straight line, so I set off at lunchtime to recreate a photo of a now-defunct pub, wander behind a Spar (which turned out to be more interesting than I'd expected, but I admit it's a low bar) and spend some time browsing in Dreadnought Books before coming home via a coffee from Spoke & Stringer, a little diversion up Gasworks Lane and a tiny bit of the Rownham Mead estate I'd somehow previously skipped.

Sat 9 April 2022, 12:12 to 13:32
Sector:  E
Images: 23
Distance: 3.16km
Duration: 1h 20m 0s
Total Elevation Gain: 310m