Entrance Lock

                                                                    I love the curve of the outer doors of Entrance Lock.

A dash around the harbourside to see if I can get to Mokoko and back in my lunch hour.

This was my first wander and I was still getting the hang of the technology. I managed to record only part of the way back on my GPS, by the looks of it, so I've had to bodge things a bit to pick up the photos, which is why there are photos in places the track doesn't reach!

I also need to fix a few technical things including managing my photo timezones more carefully. This wander was the day after the clocks went back for winter, and I think my camera may still have been in BST, which may not have helped me tie things up. Need to do a bit of research into how my cameras, Lightroom and the code I'm writing on this website handle BST and GMT, but at least I have until the last Sunday in March before things get urgent, I think...

Mon 26 October 2020, 10:34 to 11:01
Sector:  SE
Images: 6
Distance: 1.87km
Duration: 0h 26m 28s
Total Elevation Gain: 68m