Jacob's Well Wander

                                King of the Hill

                                                                    My school wasn't posh enough to have castellations.

I just wanted to get some exercise, really, so I set out to knock off the lower bit of Jacobs Wells Road that I'd not managed to walk up yet. I set the new signboard that the community association had had erected as my destination, after reading about it on their blog.

As it turned out, I couldn't even read it, as the building that houses the actual Jacob's Well had water flooding out onto the pavement. I wonder if it was actual Jacob's Well water? Have the soles of my walking shoes been mystically blessed now?

You can't see much of the flood in the photos I snapped, but I did shoot a little video, too. Ed on Twitter said:

I spoke to the seller at the time with a view to buying it - I mentioned an old friend who grew up nearby remembers it flooding regularly. He swore blind my friend was wrong.

Mon 1 February 2021, 12:21 to 13:03
Sector:  E
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Distance: 2.61km
Duration: 0h 41m 29s
Total Elevation Gain: 256m