Piazza Glyphs, Seagulls, and the Dual Nature of Dowry Parade

                                Glyphs 5

Another day, another coffee. I think I may have knocked a tiny footpath in Baltic Wharf from my list of leftover paths in the area, but mostly this walk was about getting out into the crisp February cold and enjoying the walk. On the way I posted a letter at 13 Dowry Parade (home of a surgeon called Willam Falls back 1830, according to Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire...) and pondered the strange duality of Dowry Parade and Hotwell Road, then wandered through the Dowry Parade end of Cumberland Piazza, enjoying the clean lines of the glyph graff, before taking the causeway route past a Cumberland Basin empty of water but full of seagulls, to make my way south of the harbour.

Fri 12 February 2021, 12:45 to 13:39
Sector:  SE
Images: 23
Distance: 3.15km
Duration: 0h 53m 31s
Total Elevation Gain: 184m