A Journey to the Far East

                                Perspective Corrected

                                                                    I don't normally edit photos to the extent of doing perspective correction, but I thought it would be interesting to see this piece straight-on.

The far east of the intersection of my one-mile radius and Bedminster, anyway. I was feeling a bit tired this morning, so I motivated myself to get out of the door by imagining one of Mokoko's almond croissants. That got me on my way, and I wandered across to Bedminster, through Greville Smyth Park, along most of the length of North Street (looking out for new Upfest 75-pieces-in-75-days artwork as I went) and then onto some new roads at the far end.

I only wanted to knock a few streets off my "to do" list, but by the time I'd diverted here and there to check out various bits of graffiti and other attractions and come back via the aforementioned purveyors of Bristol's finest croissants, I'd walked 7.4km. Not bad for someone who woke up tired, and at least I've done something with my day. I'm very glad the weather broke (we had tremendous thunderstorms yesterday), even if some of the pictures might've looked better with a blue sky. I was getting fed up with walking around in 29°C heat...

Sun 25 July 2021, 08:47 to 11:19
Sector:  SE
Images: 78
Distance: 7.35km
Duration: 2h 32m 0s
Total Elevation Gain: 632m