A Morning of Research and a Cafe in a Castle

                                Reading Room

                                                                    Bristol boasts one of the quietest rooms in the world. That one's in the Ultra-Low Noise Labs at the University of Bristol, where "Losing all audit...

I needed to pop to the library, as they'd kindly dug a book out of the reserve store at the B Bond warehouse for me and emailed me to let me know it was ready. So, I took a little trip to town, straight down the Hotwell Road, and spent a few hours reading before stretching my legs with a walk to a new cafe in the actual castle (or remnants thereof, anyway) of Castle Park, before heading back home down the other side of the harbour. As well as books and coffee, I bumped into a remote-controlled pirate ship, which isn't something you see every day, even in Bristol.

Sat 25 September 2021, 09:49 to 15:52
Sector:  E
Images: 25
Distance: 7.50km
Duration: 6h 3m 0s
Total Elevation Gain: 714m