A Flyover Before and After, but Mostly Paddling Santas

                                Comedy Gold

My friend Lisa texted me to see if I wanted to pop down and take a photo or two of the event she was taking part in: Santa SUP. SUP Bristol organise stand-up paddleboarding on the floating harbour, and their annual Santas-on-paddlboards event is quite the sight.

On the way there, I grabbed a historical photo I'd been wanting to recreate for a while of the shiny and new Cumberland Basin flyovers back in 1965, because I reckoned I could fit finding the same viewpoint into my outbound journey. Also, after having only used it on a wander for the very first time yesterday, I managed two crossings in the cross-harbour ferry today to get to the best locations for snapping the paddleboarders...

So, then, this wander is mostly a bunch of photos of paddleboarding Santas. Tis the season... Enjoy!

Sun 12 December 2021, 12:33 to 16:02
Sector:  SE
Images: 42
Distance: 5.72km
Duration: 3h 29m 0s
Total Elevation Gain: 493m