Ticking Off a Pocket of Paths in Leigh Woods


                                                                    It's quite an extensive area, stretching a decent length of the back of the golf course.

I managed to go for a wander a while ago that was meant to finish off a little tangle of paths in Leigh Woods, or at the very least finish off my wandering of the Purple Path there. And I managed to miss doing either of those things through some kind of navigational incompetence.

Today I woke up with a bit of a headache, feeling a bit knackered as soon as I dragged myself out of bed, but at least with the energy to realise that I'd be better off (a) going for a walk in what looked likely to be the last of the Jubilee weekend sunshine than (b) moping around the flat until it started raining, at which point I could mope more thoroughly.

I had a look at my map, considered going to Ashton Court, but remembered that there was a music festival there today, and instead found these little leftovers of Leigh Woods and decided to have one more try at walking them.

Fri 3 June 2022, 11:08 to 14:07
Sector:  W
Images: 30
Distance: 10.97km
Duration: 2h 59m 0s
Total Elevation Gain: 694m