A Quick Swing Past Ashton Court


                                                                    Well, it's giant, it's got a definite red hue and it's made of wood. I wonder what it could be...

Another day not dissimilar to my last wander: I'm feeling a bit tired and rather than just moping around the house I thought I'd find some tiny bit of somewhere that I'd not yet walked and get outdoors. This time I headed for the Tobacco Factory Market in Bedminster, as I often do, but went the long way around via Ashton Court Mansion as I knew there were some footpaths and a small section of road I'd not ticked off up there. Finishing all the Ashton Court footpaths will be quite a long job, but you've got to start somewhere...

I did feel rather better by the time I got home, and, pretty much astoundingly given the weather forecast, managed to avoid the rain completely.

Sun 5 June 2022, 11:19 to 13:44
Sector:  SW
Images: 33
Distance: 7.04km
Duration: 2h 25m 0s
Total Elevation Gain: 460m