Clifton Sinkhole, Camp Road and a Re-Visited Fire Hydrant


I went to have a peep at the giant sinkhole that's opened up in Canynge Square—ironically, having recently discovered the gardens were public I'd had the (triangular!) square on my list to re-visit for a few days, but now there's no entrance to the gardens due to the danger. The area was well fenced-off for safety, but I tried to get a couple of photos from behind the barriers.

I also explored the area around Camp Road, an real melange of architectures, one of the most mixed-up areas I've seen in Clifton, in fact, and confirmed my friend Claire's suspicion that an earlier snap of a sign from Manilla Road was in fact for a fire hydrant. Nice.

Sun 27 December 2020, 12:27 to 14:28
Sector:  N
Images: 77
Distance: 5.70km
Duration: 2h 0m 41s
Total Elevation Gain: 362m