Morning Walk

                                Rock House

                                                                    The way the left-hand side looks a lot more together than the right-hand side may be explained by the very first part of the listing:

  House, no...

Tempted by a hopeful repeat of yesterday's weather, I got up early this morning and went for a short walk up into Clifton Village, around Observatory Hill, back down the Zig Zag and home. Instead of beautiful and mysterious fog and crisp freezing brightness I got some murk and slight dampness which included witnessing a road-raging van driver and finding that it still wasn't cold enough for the hot well to be even gently steaming when I got down there. I've still never seen it steaming, but I've been told it does, on colder days.

Fri 8 January 2021, 07:38 to 08:35
Sector:  NW
Images: 19
Distance: 3.16km
Duration: 0h 57m 32s
Total Elevation Gain: 213m