Arlington Villas and WH Smith Destruction

                                Demolition 10

I actually dashed up to Clifton to take a look at Arlington Villas, just around the back of St Paul's Road, one of those slightly odd little enclaves of overlooked housing that you know is there, but you never have a reason to visit or travel down. As it turned out, interesting though the (public) garden is, I actually took far more pictures of the now-completely-demolished site bounded by King's Road, Boyce's Avenue and Clifton Down Road where WH Smith and other places used to stand.

It's interesting to imagine how nice this little area would be if turned into a permanent public square, but of course the developers already have their planning permission to build it right back up again.

Wed 10 February 2021, 12:14 to 12:57
Sector:  NE
Images: 48
Distance: 2.77km
Duration: 0h 43m 6s
Total Elevation Gain: 202m