Downs Wander

                                Sarcophagus Topped By An Urn

                                                                    Could you get much more funerary?

Just a quick trip to knock off a path or two on Clifton Down. I'm not actually convinced I walked down the paths I was hoping to, but I suppose I'll see once I upload this and look at it on the map :)

Today's highlight turned out to be retrospective—looking up Gertrude Hermes' amazing wood engravings when I got home. (By complete coincidence, I was trying to discover the location of the Stella Matutina's former Hermes Lodge in Bristol as part of my researches last night...)

Tue 23 February 2021, 12:34 to 13:07
Sector:  N
Images: 9
Distance: 2.15km
Duration: 0h 33m 14s
Total Elevation Gain: 245m