A Day Off Wander in Clifton


I'm on the first day of a long weekend, and I certainly picked the right one for it. This may be the first proper spring-like day of the year in Bristol; it was glorious.

I headed up to Clifton, around the area where I got my Covid vaccine jab the other day, to knock off a few remaining roads in that area and because it would be good exercise for an extended lunchtime walk.

Along the way I saw some very Clifton sights, including an Aston Martin, some Jacobethan architecture, and some private college sports grounds. Mostly, though, I just enjoyed the sunshine, and took every opportunity I could to snap views across the city.

Fri 26 February 2021, 11:18 to 12:59
Sector:  N
Images: 48
Distance: 4.44km
Duration: 1h 41m 10s
Total Elevation Gain: 295m