Rabbits, bad pedestrian signage and good coffee

                                Pillars of the Community

A quick trip with the aim of finding a better way to Greville Smyth park and a good coffee. Sadly I was stymied yet again with the former—it turns out that you do apparently have to take a strange loop around the houses (or at least around the roads) to get to Greville Smyth any way other than my normal route, unless you're prepared to vault some railings. It may be that the disused steps from where the skater kids hang out to the flyover above might once have led to a shorter route, but it's hard to tell. The geography in the area has always confused me.

On the plus side, Rich, who runs Hopper Coffee from a Piaggio Ape does a great flat white and often has a good sign. (I collect cafe signs...)

Fri 13 November 2020, 13:18 to 14:13
Sector:  S
Images: 25
Distance: 3.20km
Duration: 0h 55m 21s
Total Elevation Gain: 208m